14 December 2020

Message from the President:

Nowadays, as things around us have changed dramatically, we seek every possible opportunity to engage in business using alternative methods.

The Asian Australian Business Council Inc. (AABC) was founded on 17th July 2017 by a group of Asian Australian business executives. It is one of the vital non-profit business organisations that facilitate the meeting and matching of traders and buyers, which builds connections and creates business opportunities.

I would like to say thank you to our former Presidents who were dedicated to leading the AABC for the past four years. Now, it is my pleasure to continue this dedication and to strive for more possibilities.

We have heard terms such as “new normal” being widely used – this has given us a hint of how the world may develop in the coming generations. Our adaption to new business tools, such as modern techniques and technology, is another key to success.

We have a unique foundation team, representing connections to many countries, with different specialties in various business sectors, all working together for the benefit of society.

My goal is to drive the organisation to its potential and to cope with this fast-changing world. With a new mobile business application, that we will soon introduce, we hope to realise our goals of enhancing business opportunities.

Together, we will make it possible.

As the President, I am honoured to have this opportunity to serve the Asian Australian Business Council Inc. (AABC) and its members.

Thank you.

Kai Hillam

AABC President.

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