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To build a dynamic business network linking Australia and Asia.

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Asian Australian Business Council

The Asian Australian Business Council Inc. was incorporated through the NSW Department of Fair Trading as a non-profit organisation. It was formed on 17 July 2017 by a group of Asian Australian business executives. The AABC is based in Sydney with prospective branches in other states in Australia – it is Australia’s voice of Asian Business.

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  • Mission

The AABC’s Mission & Objectives:

  • Our main objective in 2021 is to promote the expansion and diversification of Australian imports and exports across all Asian countries.

Further objectives include:

  • To promote and form a business network of trade, commerce and industry in Australia and Asia;
  • To host business networking events, promoting social and business interaction among Asian communities in Australia;
  • To advocate for greater diversity and representation of Asians in the mainstream Australian business community;
  • To organise the Asian Business Excellence Awards to celebrate, support and promote outstanding leadership, success and accomplishments in the Asian Australian business community; and
  • To support the promotion of Australia’s commercial interests in Asia and vice versa for legitimate fair trading rights.
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AABC Digital Identification Card (DID) – Making Your Identification Secure

The Asian Australian Business Council is creating a Mobile App which gives you a unique digital identification which can be shared using a Unique QR code. The DID is engineered using a blockchain algorithm which provides an extremely high level of data security. All User information is based securely in Australia with our partner Rackcorp.

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Digital Business Card

The DID App contains a Digital Business Card which is available to every member and can be shared with a Unique QR code. This can be done with confidence in both the security of your information and the verification of others who share their business details with you.

Verification Processes

The Verification Process ensures that each member’s business details are securely verified by the AABC, ensuring that all of our listed members are genuine and trusted, guaranteeing future business transactions with confidence.

All verification and validation is conducted within Australia.

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AABC Committee Members

Kai Hillam
Kai HillamPresident and Founding Member
Andrew Wanandy
Andrew WanandyVice President and Founding Member
Florry Lung
Florry LungSecretary and Founding Member
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Quotes From Our Guest Speakers

“If you want to have long term trade or business with others you have to think about them in a good way, always be a friend and treat them with respect “

Event on 11th June 2021

Craig Chung, (councillor - City of Sydney)

“International trade & Investment will be key driver in economic growth, here in New South Wales, in the post Covid world.”

Mark Coure - Minister for Multiculturalism

“A Special thank you to Lawrence Michael of Rackcorp from the Asian Australian Business Council Inc. (AABC) for Providing the AABC with its IT Infrastructure. ”

Asian Australian Business Council – Board Members.