About the AABC  

The Asian Australian Business Council (AABC) sits at the heart of a unique network of businesses across Australia and around the Asia region. 

Working together, we help organisations of all sizes to achieve more. Team AABC believes it is our relationships with others that lead us to achieve business and personal development goals beyond those we could ever achieve alone.

Our network aims to support and connect organisations, bringing together people to build new favourable relationships, share best practice, foster new opportunities and provide practical support to help AABC members trade locally, nationally and globally.

Team AABC also provides a respected voice to the business communities it represents, ensuring the priorities and concerns are heard in the corridors of power.  Our opinions are regularly sought by corporate policymakers and parliamentarians and we have been helping to shape the Australia’s business agenda since 2017. 

Find out more about the AABC, please get in touch with the AABC Press Team : pr@aabc.ventures.

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AABC’s Vision, Mission & Objectives:

To build a dynamic business network linking Australia and Asia.

The AABC brings together many Asian businesses and has connections with leading business associations and various Asian business consular offices. These organisations make up the AABC’s network, allowing us to connect commerce and industry with governments and regulators.

We are a dynamic, practical and influential organisation that assists members to achieve industry-specific and broader business objectives.

The AABC’s main aims in 2021 are to expand and diversify Australian imports and exports to all Asian countries; as well as to promote, develop and form a business network of trade, commerce and industry across Australia and Asia.

To host business networking events promoting social and business interaction among the Asian communities in Australia;

To advocate greater diversity and representation of Asians in the mainstream Australian business community;

To organise the Asian Business Excellence Awards to celebrate, support and promote outstanding leadership, success and accomplishments in the Asian Australian community;

To support the promotion of Australia’s commercial interests in Asia and vice versa for legitimate fair trading rights.

Why become a member?

– We strive to provide programmes that help our members.

– We facilitate meaningful approaches to networking, embrace new ways of enriching our connections and raise awareness of our members amongst the business community.

– We embrace businesspeople of all ages, cultures, industries, and professions.

– We provide business and trade opportunities amongst our members using the AABC’s digital platform, providing an easy system for your business .

– Our cutting edge systems provide a new way to conduct business.

– We provide mentorship and share experiences of overcoming challenges; we strive to share our wisdom and insight amongst all members.

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