Panel leader: Mr Christhophorus Barutu, Director of Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre Sydney

Q&A Host : Ms Yvette Grady (International Journalism Award Winner)

This Friday 8 December business networking event… the final Q&A of the year.

It has been a tumultuous and at times difficult year for many, and we’ll unpacking the highs and lows of 2023, and trade issues around the world,  Indonesia in particular,  have been a focus for us all this year – whats will the next months hold?

Here are the questions our panel faced this week.



In 2022, Indonesia exports to Australia totalled a whopping USD$3.47 Billion, according to the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade.  Even though Australia does not rank among Indonesia’s top 10-trading partners  – I believe we are 13th… why is the potential to trade with Australia so important to Indonesia? TRADE EXPO INDONESIA 2023Trade Expo Indonesia 2023 has been an enormous financial win for your country with foreign buyers spending a projected USD$25-billion during the 5-day expo.  A. How many Australian companies and Government Departments attended?B. How much did Australia spend on goods and services at the expo?C. And what are the top goods and services Australia will import as a direct result of attending this year’s expo?

ONLINE PARTICIPATION  The 2023 Trade Expo Indonesia is over however companies can still register and participate online:A. How much does it cost to register?B. How many days access do we have?C. What can Australian companies hope to see online?D. And finally how do they engage and negotiate deals online should they wish to import any goods and services?


A. When can Australian companies and Government Departments begin registering for next year’s expo?B. What’s the cost to attend in 2024?C. And do we have a website we can direct our audience to so they can make enquiries and begin next year’s registration process?

AABC Q$A Host Yvette Grady (International Journalism Award Winner))

AABC Q$A Host Yvette Grady (International Journalism Award Winner)


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