We use our convening power to bring together the ONGA Artful Light Thaliland and the City of Sydney Council during their visit to Australia.  

Together, we debate, exchange experiences and identify best practices on one of the most pressing issues of the day – Lighting design for public space (health and safety)  These discussions take place at tens of events, which AABC organises every year, mostly at our headquarters in Sydney, Australia.


Spirograph | Vivid Sydney 2023

Onga Artful Light Company from Thailand makes beautiful light art installations for festivals all over the world.  

Sydney’s newest fountain doesn’t feature a drop of water – instead, light flows in an impressive illusion.  

Inspired by the elegant patterns formed when using a spirograph ruler, this artwork treats each ‘droplet’ as a precious part in a much larger picture. Spirograph is the latest water fountain to offer a moment of respite in Sydney, a splash of restorative nature.



Spirograph - Vivid Sydney 2023 - Walsh Bay

AABC Founding Member, Peter Wong and wife Matti, visited the Spirograph at the opening of Vivid Sydney 2023.

AABC, City of Sydney Council, ONGA Artful Light

AABC, City of Sydney Council, ONGA Artful Light

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