December 14, 2022

AABC 2021- 2022 Executive: The Asian Australian Business Council (AABC) Committee:  Kai Hillam (President), Andrew Wanandy (Vice President), Chris Knight (Treasurer), Kaajol Kaur (Assistant Treasurer), Florry Lung (Secretary), Karin Cheung, John Hillam, David Lung OAM, J.P., Oyuntsetseg (Oogii) Olonbayar, Jasbeer Singh, Barbara Ward and Peter Wong..

Overview: Over the last year, your AABC Committee has continued to meet remotely on Zoom. We held our Event Planning meetings, originally planned for face-to-face, online in March, June, September and December 2022. 

The role of Public Relations was open due to the resignation of Pubic Relations Director, Oyuntsetseg (Oogii) Olonbayar, in June 2022.  Karin Cheung has kindly agreed to take on the role for the remaining term of this Committee.  AABC is reliant on member to nominate new Committee members with appropriate skills. We are open to suggestions. Please be in touch to offer your AABC’s ideas.  Our great disappointment in 2022 is that we have been unable to hold our Events in person as we had hoped and promised to do. However, under President Kai Hillam’s direction, we managed to run four (4) successful events,

  • March – Shane Geha, Managing Director and co-founder of EG Advisory
  • June – The Hon. Mark Coure, MP, Minister for Multiculturalism, and Minister for Seniors
  • September – Mr. Alistair Trung, Australian Fashion Designer
  • December – Mr. Steven Kamper MP, Shadow Minister for Small Business, Shadow Minister for Property, and Shadow Minister for Multiculturalism

It was big success of the past year has been the innovation of business networking events, attracting good numbers of AABC members and guests, and providing a business forum for us to meet together. More of those next year!  President Kai Hillam has provided us with an update on common issues and we have published regularly on the AABC website, and social media and print outlets to support members. A credit to our interim Public Relations Officer, Karin Cheung, who worked tirelessly to make this task possible.

In a fast-changing business climate, we have continued to notice an upturn in the number of questions received from members over this time, and your Committee Members have sought regular meetings with the relevant authorities and industry bodies to clarify current issues and concerns, not least the likely impacts from the current Trade conferences in Asia.

Your Committee has continued to work on priorities identified in our AABC Development Plan. There has been a lot of talking recently around what we are – a not-for-profit organisation, a trade advocacy organisation.  AABC has an enormous debt of gratitude for the service and commitment of the Committee, their wise counsel and the benefit of their experience, offered selflessly to the organisation over such a long time.

Florry Lung

Secretary 2021 – 2022

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