December 9. 2022

Interview: Stephen Kamper MP talks government relations with AABC host Yvette Russo

Interview with Yvette Russo on AABC Business Networking Agenda

The Women’s Club, Sydney

Topic: Disconnect betweem business and government

Yvette Russo: My questions are:

  • What do you think labour’s chances are of winning government at the next election? And do you feel confident of retaining your own seat in parliament?
  • What will be Labor’s first move if given the mandate to government?
  • As shadow minister you have wide ranging portfolios to manage.  What is your highest priority for small business and multiculturalism if Labor wins the next state election?
  • Historically the Labour Party has not always been seen by small to median enterprises as allies-  how will you reassure business owners?
  • What do you see as the major disconnects between small business and the current NSW Government and what steps would you take to improve the implement of your vision should Labor win in the next election?
  • Many small businesses are under pressure from rising costs and other challenges. How will you help lessen ballooning overheads and ease the squeeze?
  • You became shadow minister for Small Business in June 2021.  What have you learned and what advice would you give to small startups?  
  • What would you change if Labor is given the mandate to govern in the next election?
  • Do you see bureaucracy being a hindrance to small business – and if so, how will you simply the process and reduce the burden – how will you achieve outcomes without laborious processes to get there? (Occupation health and safety, workers comp, fire security and environmental regulations, are some examples)
  • The process of skilled migration can be more complex than other forms of recruitment and can be far more time consuming and expensive.  Do you see it as beneficial to simply the sponsorship and visa processes to it makes less time consuming and less costly for small business who desperately need those workers?
  • The current State Government has a small business concierge.  Do you see it as effective for small business or created more for political mileage?
  • Closing question:  the Labor party was a driving force for multiculturalism starting in the mid 1970s.  50 years on from that how has multiculturalism improved NSW and how do you see multiculturalism helping to drive NSW businesses in the next 50-years?

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