Craig Chung

Craig Chung was elected to the City of Sydney Council as a Liberal Councillor in September 2016. Prior to this Craig served 4 years as a Liberal Councillor on the City of Ryde Council.

Craig is passionate about ensuring Australia is a global leader in the Digital & Smart City revolution. He has experience in enterprise innovation and rebooting underperforming businesses and has a philosophy of progressive social outcomes and a moderated but open free market.

Pointers from Event on 11th June 2021

Respect the people and the countries you want to trade with.

Avoid flammable topics like politics that could potentially impede trading goals – stick to business, build mutual trust and cooperation follows. This is the way to work together and create successful trading partnerships which are imperative for Australia and the region.

Foreign students are an asset, many choose to make Australia home. Diversity adds to the rich tapestry of Australian life. Student relationships are imperative in building and maintaining friendships and ongoing trade.

Australia needs it’s students and backpackers to fill the thousands of job vacancies in the farming and service sectors.

Counsellor Craig Chung has spearheaded a project to build over 99-plus apartments in Glebe for women over 55-who have the potential of homelessness. The ambitious venture should be completed by 2023. He is also working on another project called
Common Ground – an integrated 100 bed apartment project for the homeless.

Founder David Lung: talked about his new book. It follows the history of Chinese immigrants and the impact the white Australia policy had on Asian families trying to build prosperous, happy lives without the same rights as Caucasian Australians. Challengers were enormous especially during the Great Depression.


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